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Local Tree is a free business listing website which features business listing. The website features two types of content a) Content that belongs to Local Tree (blog posts, website contents, and the site templates) b) Third party content which businesses post for listing.

Using The Service Of Local Tree

Eligibility – To be able to use the services and data of Local Tree, you (the user) must possess the required authority. In case, you are a competitor of Local Tree, you may not be able to use or access data of Local Tree. In which case, your profile may get restricted.

Permission To Use Local Tree Services – Local Tree grants you the permission to be able to use its services. However, you use our (Local Tree’s) services at your own risk. You agree that you might be exposed to different types of content and information including – offensive, improper, abusive, and incomplete. Local Tree is not responsible for the content or the information you get exposed to. Local Tree does not hold any responsibility for the third party content. Therefore, the website or the people associated with it will not take any responsibility for the third party content.

Service Availability – Local Tree holds the right to withhold, suspend, update, or upgrade any of its services.

Accounts – You, as the user of the website, are responsible for your account. You agree that you will manage the data posted on your account and take responsibility of the account log in details. Local Tree does not take any responsibility of the account holders’ password or users’ IDs. However, we strongly urge you to notify us in case of any unauthorized activity on your account.

Communication From Local Tree – By using Local Tree, you agree to get communication from the other site users and Local Tree itself.

Content – You are solely responsible for the content you post. Local Tree does not take any responsibility of what you are posting.

Local Tree’s Right To Use Your Content – Local Tree holds the right to use your content in certain ways including – promoting it to different mediums, reforming it to get exposure, and transforming it into advertisement forms.

Ownership & Copyright – Any content posted by you on your account solely belongs to you. The copyright of such content remains with you. However, Local Tree holds the right to restrict any account or content, in case of legal order.

Privacy – We don’t share or publish your content or your account information with anyone. However, in case of a legal procedure or legal investigation, your account details may get shared by the website.

Representations & Warrants

By agreeing to use Local Tree, you consent that you have read and understood the terms and conditions properly and agree with each term & condition given here.

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You agree to refrain yourself from indulging into threat, stalking, or harassment
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